Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Florence, my dear Florence

Finally I'm back in Florence and since I'm doing nothing because I'm on the hook for starting with my new job (I'll tell you what kind of job later) all I can do is taking picture of people and whatsoever thing I run into. That's no bad, deep down this is sort of a photo-blog.

I was at Massi's shop last days hanging out with Caterina, Catia and Massi. Sometime during the day it occurred that me and some customers struck up a conversation and eventually I took a picture. So it went:

This is Milosh, if I say right, he's from Serbia...
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....and this is Klara, Milosh's girlfriend, who is from Sweden. Nice couple. Hi Guys!!!
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I do not remember her name (yes, I do, it's Giulia), but she is a plastic surgeon. She could not decide whether choosing this dress....
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....or this one.
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I liked the black one and that's what she picked at the end.

This is
Miika, instead he's from Finland. He recognized me because of my old job in an other shop. He's such a nice guy.
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That's all from our favorite concept store in Florence.
See ya

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kaplan said...

mate I can't believe how a guy who looks like the result of an abortion from tolkien's hobbit manage to have a girlfriend like must have cost him a lot..I can't see any others explanations.