Saturday, January 12, 2008

At the Disco!!!

Since I came back to Florence I found myself dancing in a club twice. That is weird for such a meek guy like me. The weirdest thing though was that I had fun.

First I heard from Caterina that there was a party at the upper story of the Doris. That was last weekend. You needed a wrist let to go upstairs since it was a sort of privè party. We found it and we went upstairs. From then on I spent my stay there dancing in the ladies room where there was a DJ spinning disc from seventies to nineties all rock. We were dancing in a 15-20 square meter room along with ladies trying to reach the box.
Here it is:

Almost forget to put the picture that I took before going to dance that night. A picture of
La Ceci
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Second time was yesterday. You have to know something if you are thinking to move in this city some day. Twice a year Pitti occures in Florence and everything that happen, it happens because of Pitti. You can't even say -"wanna go out to get a drink"- that someone might reply -"sure there's Pitti"-.
Anyway, there was this party at the old Transilvania thrown by the guys from D.A.T.E. which is a shoes brand. Let's see something:

This is Martina, I couldn't not take a picture. She seemed coming out from an American Apparel's photo-shoot. Gorgeous!!!
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And then Martina and friends.
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That's it
See ya

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