Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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So, I decided to take a walk in Soho, Manhattan yesterday and in particular I was attracted by Mott st. where I knew there were a bunch of interesting clothing stores.
I can say it's a really nice street with trees dividing the concrete from the sidewalk and above all not tainted by the cars...almost.
Apparently all the stores that I passed by are those sort of stores where you can find only independent brands and items that came out from emerging designers. I glanced at all of the shop windows and I went in just two stores which I have been smitten by.

I heart
262 Mott St. between Prince and Houston, New York, NY
You have to go downstairs to find yourself in a space where every item for sale and the objects along with the furniture conveyed the pure essence of the art and design. The atmosphere is that of the art gallery with the difference that there it is possible to try the pieces of artwork on.
It's kind of expensive, but if you are around Mott st. you gotta have a look at this concept store and then maybe you will realize if pulling out that money from your wallet is worth it. If you are not nearby just go on the website, you will find several interesting surprises.

I heart

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This is Caroline. She works there, she is not the owner of the place, but she has been so nice to me. She told me the store has been open since 2004.


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Bio Emerging Designers
29 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
This place is kind of a High Fashion clothing store:
the interior, the arrangement of the space, the attention toward the minimalism in the decor and the white as main color for the walls and the ceiling. If you look closely at the tags of the goods though, you will notice that will be hard to find any names that sound familiar. As you can read from the website the intent of this unique boutique is to offer pieces of art created by emerging designers coming from all over the world "selected for their attention to design, quality and craftsmanship". The style of the collections sold in this store is that of a "young woman who wants to look hip as well as professional".
When I went in I met the owner who didn't seems so happy about my presence and my request to take some pictures for the blog. She looks suspicious toward me, but I think I can perfectly understand her....I mean, All I do is show up there, wandering by the shelves with a sketchy look and I introduce myself without any cards, just saying, "Hi, I have a blog, can I take some pictures of your store?......I think I need to figure out a new way of approach

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