Monday, August 11, 2008

What's up

You're right. I might not be good to run a blog. I don't have any constancy in updating the page. I might got bored of it. I do not have time for it. I run a store, I play in two different bands. With one of them I'm practicing hard to make the third album as soon as possible. With the second one I'm doing the same, but for the very first album. This takes a lot of time and a lot of thoughts passing through the mind. And last one....girls, you know!!!
You gotta bear with myself. Some time you tape thecolorbabyblue in the navigation bar and maybe you will find some new things...bullshit, most of the times.

Well, I decided to not take and show picture of street stylish people from now on. Instead I will try to use the camera such as a tool to make you see what I see. Often it occurs that I find myself staring at people not being aware that I might make them uncomfortable and draw them in an awkward feeling. At that moment I'm not judging anyone or think
Inserisci tag grassettoing something. I'm just seeing. The colors, the shapes, the moves, the natural and the unnatural elements, and their recovering together.

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Rain, some time I miss you.
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See ya


LAUREN O said...

stefano! it's lauren. i miss you very much, and i just wanted to tell you that i like the new direction of "the color baby blue"

i've actually started my own blog, i would love to know what you think... i haven't told anyone about it yet, so you're the first, i'm kind of nervous! i wish we could spend an evening in santa croce...
baci baci!

LAUREN O said...

oh yeah, here's the blogspot

Kira Fashion said...

But please don´t stop coming here and making contact!
And congratulations for being a great person...i love music too!! fantastic!

a kiss,
those images are really great and i am so excting what is coming now :)

see you,