Saturday, February 9, 2008

In the heart

I should take a walk around the center of Florence more often. Yesterday I recovered myself roaming around the heart of the city and there my eyes were so pleased to see the people in all their frenzy and modeling pace. Everything was so garish, plushy and fancy. Once, I was passing by the entrance of the Hotel Savoy, a super lavish hotel that jut out on Piazza della Repubblica and I noticed that someone sitting at the table of the inn's outdoor bar, resembled a known face. I walked back and I attempted to recognize the person with a quick look as discreet as I could. I was right, there she was. Hilary Swank was sipping a cocktail with a friend just a few step from here. Since I never aspired to become in a paparazzo and just glad of my first international celebrity sight I moved on my stroll.
I caught to girls with my camera. Here they are:

This is Ella, She is from Swedish and she's here in Florence to study art. She was a little bit annoyed by the fact that someone doesn't accept her wonderful glasses. Ella, your glasses are amazing you are not supposed to give a goddamn shit about the others thought.
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This is the Gorgeous
Simone, from Australia. She is kind of involved in the fashion world but I didn't understand very well in which way yet. I will find out something more about her since I gave her my email address.
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