Friday, February 22, 2008

Holy thursday

Yesterday I went out with my friends from the west cost, California precisely. First , we went to a bar to have an Aperitivo/dinner and along with us there was Britney, a friend of Joanne who's studying in a french small town. She is visiting her friend here in Florence for the weekend. Here she is:
I had a deal with Britney from San Diego: I couldn't take a picture of her if I wouldn't have taken a picture of her at the end of the night. So did I. I like her skirt.
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The time was running, as well as the drinks. And Speaking of Tectonica, we ended up with a new Britney after a couple of hours. She wants to become a theater actress, perhaps in Paris. What a natty posture!!! Super dank.
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Whatever...let's go ahead. We moved to the second bar and it was there that I met these two women.

First I saw
Desirè. She was leaned on the edge of a table waiting for someone, I suppose. It was such a naive frame. Once I was in front of her to introduce myself I noticed that she wasn't naive at all, instead her stock was definitely high. I really liked the dress, the tights and especially the shoes. Great job. (Look, you can also see my lovely friend Joanne passing by)
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I didn't tell you something though. When I asked Desirè the costumary question, she said "you want to take a picture of me? You gotta see my friend" and goddamn it she was right. The funny thing was that I knew that girl. She is the ever gorgeous Diana who works at a even more gorgeous books shop. I was astonished by her orange trench coat that perfectly matched with her tights, shoes and hair.....hell a cool!
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See ya

Ah!!! yes. This is just a basket of bulbs and....Pirlo is balls to the walls.
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Anonymous said...

wow..nice blog..

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

oddly amusing

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