Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Rachel's

Beginning as a side-project, the experimental USA alt-rock outfit Rachel's eventually became a full-time proposition for its members, Jason Noble (guitar/bass), Christian Fredricksen (violin), and Rachel Grimes (piano). The Louisville, Kentucky, USA-based unit debuted in 1991 with a cassette-only release, Rachel's Halo, before Noble returned to his main outfit, Rodan. Their classically based, lo-fi style caught the ears of the independent scene and a recording contract with Quarterstick Records soon followed. Among their subsequent releases was a split album, 2000's Full On Night, with another experimental outfit, Matmos. With their compositions being entirely instrumental, Rachel's has landed their fair share of soundtrack work for movies and stage productions over the years, and a few of their tracks have appeared in the movies Any Given Sunday, Star Maps, My Dog Vincent, and Une Liason Pornographique. They also composed the score for the Channel 4 documentary, A Day To Remember.

They split up last year and I just wanted to pay tribute to this outstanding ensemble on this page suggesting two of their masterpieces.

Water from the same source

Wally, Egon and the Models in the Studio

COMING SOON >>>KINGS, SONS and DAUGHTERS > A new band featuring Rachel Grimes (Hula Hoop, Rachel's), Tood Cook (Dead Child, For Carnation), Kyle Crabtree (Shipping News, Shannonwright, Gold Jacket Club), Mike Heineman and Joe Manning.

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