Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This is the last, I swear!!!

I'm back, I'm in Florence and I'm writing from my room in Campo di Marte. Still my head though is stuck to beyond the ocean. Still my mind send me back to the little party I had at Gwen's house the night before my departure. That night I realized that I was going to leave some friends I didn't think to
Who am I? What am I talking about? Maybe I watched too many episodes of Sex and the city and I empathized with Sara Jessica Parker.

Now....jet lag! But still "Style". Which one?...Charlotte's...whose style I have been attracted to. I didn't know she was in the fashion world. She's a designer and she'd like to build up her own clothing line one day. I give you my best wishes to succeed in that.

Now let's take a look at Charlotte who is so comfortable in front of the camera that if I would have known it before then I would have set up a photo-shoot with her as model.

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LET the GAME BEGIN my Dear Florence.

See ya


autolux said...

che bellezza

per quali studi/università li userai questi esami? scusa l'interrogatorio, ma provo interesse

plasticina said...

pensi ti mancherà NY?
penso non ci sia gara in confronto a Firenze... :)
ma per quale motivo ti sei spostato fin lì?
ciao vicino di casa!

Anonymous said...

caro stefano ho finalmente passato l'esame! che gioia/tristezza! una pena da non finire..... spero di poter trovare un lavoro con questa laurea.. ci vedremo a firenze gaoheng

Adena said...

Hey Stef!

I am putting a link to your blog in mine. Can you put one to mine in yours?