Monday, October 22, 2007

Into the Music

So, here it goes.

We (me and my assistant) had to meet Allison and Olga at the subway stop of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Initially the plan was to go to some party nearby. I think that would have been one of those hipster parties in a super cool loft with a lot of those red and blue colored plastic cups filled with any kind of alcohol.
In the end, we didn't go there.
We were standing on the sidewalk for a while still thinking about what to do. I enjoyed staying there though, I could take a lot of picture of people passing by us.
Here some pictures:

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Brandon and Suzanne
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We found out there was a concert by calling a friend who was going there. Let's walk over there.
We got to a kind of industrial neighborhood by the coast in a street surrounded by huge fenced in warehouses.
Here a weird sign in one of the building we passed by along the way:
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On that street we would see around several vans parked right in front of a small door stuck in the wall of one the warehouses. There were a few people hanging around over there.
Ok, we got it, here was the concert. So we asked the bouncer what it was about in there. He said there were seven bands playing in a row and that the cost of admission was from $7 to $12 - that means that you were willing to pay or $7 or up, I would shrug -, that was pretty good, I mean seven bands in just one night.
At that point we would wait for our friend Evan before coming in and since we could stay right in front of the door because of the whiny bouncer, we would step down the street till next cross street. There we met Evan with other two friend who said that the concert wasn't there, but right behind the corner. So there were two venues hosting two different events in a range of 100 feet.
We would join a bunch of people in front of these two small doors from which the music was coming out. We would get the wrong door again, our concert was next door.
Now there were three different venues hosting three different shows in a range of 100 feet.
From then on I would spend all my time going back and forth from one room to the other.
Here some pictures of what occured that night:

This was the first venue we entered and where three bands were playing one after another.
There was a main room with the stage and the bar and a couple of small rooms which looked like this:
First room
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Second room

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This was the third band we saw in this venue.
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And here a guy who named Matt
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This was the next door. It was kind of a loft, an open space where there was a whole kitchen by one of the walls of the room and a couch at the bottom where a couple was playing....and also a dog.
Here the two guys:
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After this first couple finished, another couple would start to settle for its live set.
Here one of the girls from the second one. Her name is Chiara and she's originally from a small town between Florence and Siena.
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Well Guys, it seems I had a fucking awesome night and I definitely fell in love with this fucking city.

See Ya


OnTheCorner said...

seems like a good night. Particulary I enjoyed the second room photo.



pirlo said...

ma chi sono?