Sunday, October 7, 2007

Second ride

Hello boys and girls. Today I was our blogger's assistant as we went around Green Point, Brooklyn looking for out-there threads. Since it was sunny, lots of ladies were rocking short baby-doll like dresses, and the guys had their tried and true hipster gear on: ratty t-shirts, tight jeans, and of course, ray bans wayfarer. Some of these Saturday strollers were open about having their pictures taken--some acted as if they had been expecting us all day, why wouldn't you want to take my picture? While others passed us right by--wayyyy too hip to be photographed for their hipness. That's fine, some people need to always feel ahead of the curve. But for those of you who did pose for us, thank you!

Thank you, assistant. Before taking a look at the outfits of the day, I wanted to say the street Bedford Avenue in williamsburg, is a nonstop runway show.

See ya

This is Vana, who we caught walking by with her friends rolling a clothes rack and rocking an accent from the British Isles (?).


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This is Brandon, I caught him crossing a street and he was really chill....

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Look at Celine, look what a marvelous dress she's got on.

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Here's Jackie, who felt completely comfortable in front of the camera. Her buddy, a shy, soft-souled hipster preffered not to be photographed, but offered Jackie instead.

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grande!! :D