Monday, October 29, 2007

A walk through Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and as soon as we stepped out of the front door we saw all these kids dressed up running all over the sidewalk seeking their sweets. They were gathered in bunches or tended by parents. They went in the stores, they knocked on the front doors and they stopped people on the their way. They said "Trick or treat". Once I took a quick look at their candy-basket...guys, it was full, it was totally full of every kind of wrapped little sweets. That thing weight at least 3-4 Kg (about 6-7 pounds). Then, people wonder why here there's a problem of obesity since childhood. For chrissake, how are children supposed to not become the fattest children in the world with 7 pounds of treats ready to be ate?
And this was my criticism for this month. Now, let's change over to some pictures I took for the event. Actually I couldn't take so many because of my camera whose battery was dying.

Sexy pirate waitress in a Fonzy Park Slope Diner
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Look, I run into Marie Antoniette....or maybe her mother
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Cowboy Doggy
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Did you see the movie "Requiem for a dream"? Yes, that's it.
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And now, SHOOT THE FREAK. Shoot him before he move.
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These were the Woman and the Man In Black who shot all of that
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See ya


piergiampiero said...

rispetto per la privacy!!!

stephen said...

i love the halloween costumes!
stephen in seattle

Anonymous said...

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