Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gangsta Style

I did it. I'm here in New York City, the Fucking City.

I'm going to spend two months here and I'm going to catch a lot of super cool looks all around the city, mostly in Brooklyn though.
Yes, in Brooklyn, that's where I will live for the next two months.

My neighborhood is not as "cool" as Williamsbourgh or Green point where the people are mostly students. My neighborhood is another type. That one with all those black guys hanging out in a crew at the corner of a cross street.

They are rappers (or gangsta....I don't know) rapper such as those ones from those american hip hop movies, but they are real, they are the heart of this city.
They wear all these baggy pants with nike shoes and oversize t-shirts and of course the NY Yankies hat on. The fact that attracted me is that all this stuff seems just came out from the store, they got no spots at all, they seem always as new, especially the shoes and the hats. It seems a very expensive outfit. Sometime someone arrives with his 30 foot long luxury car with those shiny golden rims. I don't know about these latter, but the other ones seem not to have as much money as they show.

Well guys I hope to take a bunch of pictures of my neighborhood along with its inhabitants as soon as possible in order to make you better understand what I'm talking about.

See ya

Some pictures from my neighborhood

.....some pictures of cars

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Anonymous said...

ti devi fare spaccare il culo!!!